Quail Setup (#1 of 5) Setting Up Quail Pen

Quail Setup (#1 of 5) Setting Up Quail Pen

Before setting up quail to your home, make sure you understand their unique housing needs. Join us on the journey of series of 5 videos over the span of 6 months of us setting up for our quails. We go from Setting Up Quail Pen, Building our New Quail Hutch, How to Build a Automatic Watering System, Building our Quail Processing Station to Quail Setup Tour.

Continue on the next journey in the span of over 5 months as we Raising Quails to Harvesting Quails Humanely.
Raising quails for eggs and meat purpose can easily become an fun addictive hobby, especially if you don’t have much room or time.

Hopefully this will give you some ideals on some things you might want to do at your own home.

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👨🏼‍🌾🐶👩🏻‍🌾We love sharing with you Successful Advanced methods for growing BIG Harvest and Varieties of Unusual vegetables, fruit’s, foods, builds & DYI’s for new gardeners, master gardeners, homesteaders, hobby farmers or anyone seeking a self sufficient, sustainable living. Hollis makes growing thing super Easy and has passion for gardening over 56+ years (8 years old). He come from generations of farmers dating back to 1700.

Welcome to our little piece of heaven on earth, Hollis and Nancy’s homestead!

Our Vision is to inspire healthier families

We believe natural foods can improve you and your families health, quality of life, heal the body and it’s the best food you’ve ever tasted.

That’s why For the past several years, in our 1/4 acre suburban home, we been building our Self Sustainable skills by incorporate the most important part of organic gardening methods, to make the harvest healthier. We also use modern products, builds, diys, and tips to make gardening  fun, easy, affordable, convenient,  abundant, and quick.  170+ FREE (PROGRESSION) video tutorials

Join us on our journey on our NEW 15 acre rual homestead. Our goal is container gardening and organic gardening, permaculture, fruit trees, home cooking, chickens, quail, turkeys, rabbits, preserving, canning, fishing, hunting ect..

You will be amazed to see the Advanced gardening and homesteading methods, diy’s, builds and tips to bring the our homestead to life which will make it easier to be self -reliant and self sustainable.

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Hollis has love of gardening for over 56+ years (started 8 years old) and in the past own a Commercial Landscaping Company for over 7 years. He has also been in the shipbuilding for over 40+ years and retired as a Engineering Designer. He now loves to design Advanced methods, process, tips and tricks to make gardening and homesteading a lot easier and fun.

Since a child, Nancy has always loved to cook and create foods to make her family happy. 40+ years
In the past, Nancy has managed and cooked in an Oriental restaurant and also worked in the past as a cook in an Italian restaurant. Now she loves to make homemade recipes that is healthier and delicious, from the garden fresh vegetables, with some favorite Southern home cooking that Hollis enjoys.

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