7 families on their favorite chicken feed

Families nationwide are switching their backyard chickens to Purina® poultry feed and are raving about the results.

Whether you’re looking for organic chicken feed, added omega-3s in your eggs, free range chicken feed, or layer feed with oyster shell right in the bag, you can find Purina® chicken feed near you. Each bag of Purina® poultry feed is backed by 125 years of innovation, an American farmer-owned cooperative and backyard chicken coops at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center.

Each bag of Purina® chicken layer feed is packed with the 38 essential nutrients your laying hens need to have strong, healthy bodies and lay strong farm fresh eggs – no need to supplement.

Ready to see the difference in your flock? Get a $5 chicken feed coupon to try Purina® complete layer feed with our exclusive Oyster Strong® System by signing up for our Feed Greatness® Challenge. #FeedGreatness #FlockStrong

Take the Feed Greatness® Challenge today: https://bit.ly/2H5FTwI

[The Feed Greatness® Challenge is a 90-day feeding trial where you will feed Purina® feed, monitor your flock’s performance and health, take pictures and receive emails with helpful information.]

• Website: http://www.purinamills.com/chicken-feed
• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/purinapoultry
• Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/purinapoultry
• Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/purinafeedgreatness

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